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Various similar incidents


These incidents have raised doubts against the Uber’s cooperation with the Pittsburg Government. The agreement gift between the agency and the authorities isn’t having right rules to law for retaining records approximately the incidents going on. The might want to work more closely to make certain that each collision or wrong-way panic is accounted for.


Witnesses exhibits that Uber’s self driver Ford Fusions have made many accidents and disobeyed traffic sign inflicting hassle to the people and adverse the public assets in diverse towns like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in other towns in which the organization is located to operate the self reliant automobile services.

One greater incident has came about in which a self riding Ford Fusion pulled over on the side of the street after making an coincidence in the street.

As per Uber, it states that most effective one such incident has took place wherein in the car tapped the fender of certainly one of its self-using Fords, but hasn’t spoken approximately different said incidents.

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